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What you need to do is: Take a trip to (not yet
though, read on first) You don’t need to send, spend or ask for money.

I know that you are a bit skeptical about now. “How can I make money without
spending money!” If you are still not sure, when you join they will give you
$10.00 (With no strings attached) Yes that’s right they CREDIT your account
with $10.00

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Firstly, copy and paste this entire letter to wordpad or similar.

Here is what to do next. Listed below I have 3 ID’s and sign up URLs. Now
sign up at by typing in the URL at # 3 and then signing
up from there. You will be asked to verify yourself via a link sent to the
email address you supplied to join up. You may find this letter has been
placed in your bulk folder if you are using Yahoo. Follow the prompts from
there right through, check out your new website, notice your personal URL in
the address bar, right click and copy it.

While you are logged onto your email client, send an email to the person at
number 3 and in the subject line type “New resource-a-day referral”

Now delete the person in the #1 space, move #2 to number one and #3 to #2.
When you do this #3 will be blank. This is where you will paste your own
sign up URL and email address. note: Make sure your new
url is correct otherwise it will not go through!

Now all you have to do is send this to as many people as you can, post to
message boards etc. and just wait for 3 e-mails saying, “I signed up under
you!” (That’s it, only 3 responses, not 6, or 10 or 30) When your address
gets to the #1 position you will have 27 people signed up under you. Not bad
but only the beginning. A short (very short)time later each of these 27 will
have 27 under them and so on. After the fourth level then you are $17,000
richer. (Resource a day pays you for everyone that signs up under you….and
it adds up very fast. No one at any time has to spend a cent, because they
make their money from their advertisers. Just read and send!

#1)(delete this one) member/index.cgi?logicalminds7 0

#2)(move to #1) member/index.cgi?goodix_lady

#3)(move to #2) er/index.cgi?ignoto

*A word of caution IF YOU CHEAT YOU LOOSE!! It must cycle through 3 levels
in order to work. Why not try it just for the heck of it. Its not like you
are losing anything. All that spare surfing time and chatting time you could
use to make some money!!

****************************** ****************************** * *************************

Calculations: first level: 27*0.40 +$10.00 (sign up bonus) = #20.80

second level: 729*.20 = $145.80

third level: 19683*.05 = $984.15

fourth level: 531441*.03 = $15,943.23 Total potential earnings $17,093.97.

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